10 - 15 July 2018


Hypnoise Interview

December 13, 2016

Would you like to share with the Shankra family something about your project or your future projects?

Hey there! For Hypnoise I'm now working in some great collaborations to release a few EP and also will start in 2017 my second studio album. Just an advance that I have also in mind to create a new progressive project but I'll give more details when the times come :) Also I'm working with my good friend Ital in our collab project Chacruna, and we plan to release a few Singles in the following months and the first album, probably end of next year.

Which is the word or phrase that you say more often?

Everything happens cause it have to happen and it will pass, nothing stays. You will learn from everything that comes to you, good or bad. So pay attention :)

There is something that scares you?

Heights, but not to fly high :)

What's your favourite flower? Favourite colour? Favourite smell? Favourite Animal?

In that order will be Passion Fruit, Green, Jazmin, Felines

You have worked in different collaborations, not only with top notch artist; can we say that you love to share your talent and gift with people that you feel somehow connected too, despite of the fact that they are famous or not?

Sure, I love to make music and share my knowledge with everybody that wants to listen, as much as I love to listen and learn from everybody that wants to teach me. It doesn't really matter if famous or not, or the best producer or not, you always learn something from everybody, thats the real magic of creativity.

As a very well known and appreciated artist, which would be your advice for young people that would like to start your profession?

It's just a matter of time, the main thing is to teach your ears how to listen and that doesn't come in 2 days, so be patient and steady on your work and everything will come along.

It is difficult to stay self-aware when success arrived? What about your relationship with your ego?

Well ego is a tough one :) So we have to be aware of it all the time. I think humility helps a lot to put your hero ego down a bit, so i try to be as humble as i can ( also not easy all the time :) )

What do you do when off work?

Many things, I like to design, make websites, videos, carpentry, gardening, take mountain walks, cooking, but the real truth is as self employee I'm always at work, I can be any Sunday night writing emails or listening to some samples or whatever... all day connected :)

Who would you have liked to meet that is not longer alive?

Would loved to go to a Queen concert :) And also a Marley one... and many other ones jejeje... but yeah basically musicians is the first ones that come to my mind.

What did you expected and felt about Shankra when you got the booking request as a surprise act?

That was one of the best feelings I got since I work in this. Getting a call (not a mail), a real call, human talking to you :) ... from the Owner of the festival telling that they want you to close the festival as a surprise act it's something I will never forget, surely a highlight in my career so far, and I appreciate that so much, thanks a lot familia!!!!

Your closing set, as a surprise, at Shankra Festival 2016 was memorable, the crowd was crazy about your music; which moment of your gig did you enjoyed the most?

I can't think about different moments on that... it was like a whole thing, and all so amazing, people were super into it and I was enjoying so much playing for them. Also got some really good old friends there that were coming all the time to me with champagne and drinks and hugging me and all the stuff... memorable!!!

What do you think about the festival’s location? Did the surrounding nature, inspired you in some way?

Of course, I think that surroundings can inspire everybody somehow, the nature is breathtaking there, even the fact there is a road in the middle you don´t even realize that and feel deep in nature. This last time i didn´t have so much time to investigate the surroundings like the waterfalls and all other beautiful places I heard... i will do that next time for sure :)

What is your opinion regarding the festival’s organization?

Top, professional, humble, makes you feel like in family and in the same time they are super clear about all the business behind and got it all under control.

Haldolium Interview

January 17, 2017

If you were stuck on an desert island for a month, and all you could take was 3 books and 3 CD’s what would they be?

Jonathan Franzen - The Corrections
Jonathan Franzen - Freedom
David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest

Recoil - Subhuman
S... Read More

Shankra Foundation - Be The Change

November 3, 2016

Shankra Foundation - Be The Change

Thanks to your support and participation at our festival, we are being able to establish a solid and sustainable process to fund projects who will lead the world, tomorrow, to a better place.

As a starting point, we are adopting and taking charge of study expenses, from primary sch... Read More

Shuttle Bus from Bellinzona Train Station

June 23, 2017

The Shankra’s Shuttle service is a charter bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Shankra experience.

From Wednesday 12th July, till Monday 17th July a non-stop service (09.00 - 24.00) will transport you from Bellinzona Train Station’s directly to the Festival’s gate and back.

Note that our bus... Read More

Review of 2015 Edition

November 3, 2016

First edition of Shankra Festival was an adventure of its own kind

The first edition of Shankra Festival 2015 was an adventure of its own kind. It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Maybe over two thousand partygoers. A big enough main floor and a small forest chill-out. Located in a beautiful valley in Souther... Read More

Thank You For Shankra Festival 2016!

November 3, 2016

Dear Shankra Family,

our ambition and dream was, is and will always be to create a space and place for you to dance in harmony, share, care and celebrate life in oneness.
We are grateful to the people that came from 55 countries who reunited in our valley over 5 days of festival, which made our 11 months of intense work ... Read More

2016 Edition Photos are Online!

November 28, 2016

We want to thank all of our lovely photographers to have captured the beautiful moments of Shankra Festival 2016.

Annah Lab - Antje Schley - Dia KL - Erick Strange - Estelle Photos - GemeosVB Fotografia - Michela Di Savino - Pawel Wieloch - Timecatcher

Enjoy the photos and see you next year at Shankra 2017

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