Shankra guide
Shankra Festival

The Shankra Festival offers you a five-day experience in an uplifting natural ambient below the summer sky, to celebrate life connecting with people from all over the world.

Packing time

Try to pack light and take only what is useful to make your experience enjoyable.


Car Parking Tickets: 10.00 EURO Buy Now
No tents in the car parking
(camping area inside the festival)

Camper/Van Tickets : 15.00 EURO Buy Now


Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Cutlery and camping dishes
Some food and dressing (There will be food shop as well)
Eco-friendly toothpaste and soap
Garbage bags
Portable ashtray (if you don’t have it, we will give you one at the gate)


Light Daytime wear
Sun hat
Sun glasses
Hoodie or jumper
Long pants
Warm shoes / rain boots


Money (Euro and CHF)
Insect repellent
Ear plugs
Bottle for water
Spare batteries

Not allowed

Set fire
Bad vibes
Alcoholic drinks

Entering the Festival

Double-check if you have your ticket, your ID and positives vibes.

You can leave your car in the parking area.
The camping area is only for camping.
Please don’t bring any personal sound-system, music is on the stage for you, camping is for sleeping and relaxing, respect those around you.
On the path to the gate you will be amazed by the decorations we have made for you, and where it will be marked, feel free to leave your print.
Get familiar with all the areas (stage, food, market, healing, bar, camping site, etc.), then go have some good fun on the dancefloor surrounded by majestic trees and mountains which are there for you.
We have free fresh spring water for everyone, just look around and enjoy it.

Waste management

Try to leave behind Shankra Festival a positive trace by cleaning the ground, collecting your own garbage and throwing it in the indicated places.

Use pocket-ashtrays, and if you lose them, please don’t throw cigarette buds in the grass, they it takes two years until they decompose and and they are hard to pick up!

Use toilets. Don’t go all around the forest. Try not to leave tissues or tampons around.

Eco Team

A clean crew will be here to help us keep the Shankra Festival site clean.
Members work as volunteers, so you can make their job a lot easier if you don’t leave a mess in the areas.
When in need, you can always ask them for extra garbage bags.
Don’t be afraid to give an hand, the volunteers working here wants to enjoy Shankra Festival like you!

Safer Dance Suisse

The Safer Dance Swiss information stand is open 24/24 to inform you about the effects and the risk of psychoactive substances, to provide personal support and to distribute safer use information and material. If you feel unwell, you are invited to use the psycare at the Safer Dance Swiss tent.
EN dancesafe.org
DE & FR saferdanceswiss.ch
IT danno.ch

Info Point

A group of volunteers will be on hand to answer to your questions, inquires or just to give you Shankra’s maps and flyers. You can also charge your phone at our info point.
At the lost & found you will be able to recover/bring items you may find or lose.

First Aid – Theft - Security

We have a professional First Aid team, working at your service 24h/day. They can provide any kind of medical care.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need help or if you see someone who might need any help.
To keep yourself safe, drink plenty of water, eat well, sleep at least 6h per day, don’t make any abuses, keep balance and you will have an incredible experience.

We have a brave team of security. They are always ready to help, with a great sense of humor but they will take action if needed.

After the Festival

On Sunday 11 July at 6 PM music will stop, and you will have time untill Monday at noon to slowly pack your tents and leave.
Don’t forget to leave the Shankra Festival scene the same way you found it.
If you have time, plan a trip around Ticino.
Locarno offers you a beautiful scenery on the lake Maggiore surrounded by verdant vales Verzasca, Maggia and Onsernone, where you can find small coves where you can refresh and regenerate. Bellinzona’s castles are the best way to take a leap into the past.

Lugano and its surroundings on lake Ceresio to Malcantone… and Mendrisio where you can have a tipical meal in the grottos.

The summer season it is just began.. go in for it!

From us

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As Shankra Festival we are looking forward to welcome you to our fifth edition!

Shankra Festival offers you a beautiful camping area in the middle of a valley which is crossed by river Moesa and surrounded by the mountains.

The camping area will be marked and there is enough space provided for all participants.

For a comfortable camping experience don’t forget to bring some warm clothes for the night time when it can get a little cold and also bring waterproof clothes, ponchos and shoes to keep yourself dry in case of rain.

Your tent will be your new home for 5 days.
The Festival area will be lighted, but not all around, so don’t forget to bring torches and batteries.

For cooking, you can use small camping stoves, and of course bring cutlery, non-breakable dishes, drinking recipients, paper towels and garbage bags.

Fresh water will be provided from the natural springs which can be found in the Festival site.

You are allowed to bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks, but only for personal use, not for selling, it’s absolutely forbidden to bring any kind of glass.

We do not allow fire in the Festival areas, the forest is a protected site.

Camping area is equipped with showers and toilets.

Camping Opening: 07.07.2021 - 09:00 AM
Camping Closing: 12.07.2021 - 18:00 PM

For washing, please use only natural and biodegradable detergents.
Everything goes into the soil and any toxic substances will affect the environment and could intoxicate the forest.

Pets are not allowed. This is for the safety of children and everyone around, please respect it.

Extra garbage bags and ashtray pockets will be given to you at the entrance.

Be sure to respect nature and those around you.

  1. Please, Take the garbage bag and the pocket-ashtray that you got for free at the gate and use it: we love Nature and you must respect it. Once your garbage bag is full, you can throw it at the entry in the big containers and ask for a new one.
  2. All guests must have the Shankra wristband. If security sees you without one, they will take you at gate and you will have to pay the entrance fee. In case your wristband is damaged, please go to the gate and change it.
  3. Children have their special wristband, and they must be always cared for by their parents and wear headphones.
  4. Wildfires are absolutely forbidden in the camp, if this rule is violated a fine will be charged.
  5. At night, always keep a torch with you
  6. Non-registered shops are not allowed.
  1. Personal sound systems at the Festival are not allowed.
  2. Drug dealing, as well as the possession and use of drugs strictly are forbidden.
  3. Park your car in the designated parking lot and not in other places outside the Festival.
  4. Dogs are not allowed inside the festival area.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated with clean water or pure fruit juices, eat regularly, don't forget to rest, take care of your skin, wear sunscreen bring warm clothes - during the night it will be cold. If you don’t feel good, please go immediately to the first AID, don't leave your money in your tent and if you notice any crime come at the Info point to let us know: we will immediately take action.
  1. You are at Shankra Festival at your own risk, we assume no responsibility for lost or stolen things, damages to your property or your person.
  2. Pictures and video recordings will be produced during the Festival. Everyone appearing in these materials can be tagged or namechecked only with his-her agreement. However they are not entitled to present any claim to the photographers and videomakers or to the Shankra Team.
  3. It is forbidden to carry out any commercial or advertising activities without the written permission of Shankra Team.

Any doubt?