Thank you!

Dear Shankra Family,

once again, we would like to remind you and ourselves that it always starts with a simple action: countless individual actions merged together in unforgettable six-days of music and culture in our valley!

Our ambition and dream was, is and will always be to create a space and place for you to dance in harmony, share, care and celebrate life in oneness.

We want to thank every single person who dedicated his work in this creative process, to the inhabitants and municipality of Lostallo and especially you, with your smiles and dancing feet, who made our vision become reality.

We are aware of some flaws that happened during the 6 days event and we will work hard to rectify them; learning is an infinite process, please send your suggestions and critics to: feedback@shankrafestival.ch

Shankra 2019:
In the last months, we received many messages asking us when our next edition will be, so we are happy to announce it will be from the 17th to the 21st of July 2019.

Presale will start on 1st of November on www.shankrafestival.ch !

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Team