Shankra 2018 Info

Dear Shankra Family,
Excitement is growing day by day as the beginning of this magical experience is getting closer..

Here few info for you, to get ready to land in our valley:
- Gates open at 9:00 on Tuesday 10th July. We CANNOT host guests before this time, DO NOT come before!
- The box office will be open 24hrs during the six-days festival. Prices at the gate will be published very soon. Always remember to wear the Shankra wristband, so that you can come and go as you wish.
- Check out the info about the Bellinzona Shanka Bus here:
- Always remember to purchase the right parking ticket (car or caravan) here or on the spot.
- The tent campsite is inside the festival area, tents ARE NOT ALLOWED in the parkings.
- Minors can only enter if parents are with them: no written authorizations are accepted.
- Kids under 11 years old have free entrance.
- Music will start at 12:00 on the 10th July and will stop at 18:00 of the 15th July.
- At the gate, you’ll find ear plugs, the timetable with the map and useful info, garbage bags.
- Always remember to clean your own garbage! 

Respect yourself, others and Nature. Party safe with a smile!

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Team