Complete Line Up!

Dear Shankra Family,

We had the amazing possibility to get in contact with messages from all over the world: more than 450 artists decided to share their passion and work with us, participating to the Music Applications.

Thank you! Our mission would not be carried out without you.

Since we received a great amount of it, some Music Applications are still being uploaded. Keep checking our website and Soundcloud channel, they will be online soon.
We were moved, impressed, excited, amazed, relaxed by the many different projects, all driven by the passion of creation!

Here is our complete musical program:

Shankra Floor:

Astral Projection (Tip Records) Israel 
Altruism (Nano Records) Brasil 
Atmos (Iboga Records) Sweden 
Audiotec (Tech Safari Records) Israel 
Aho (Antu Records) Chile
Arhetip (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
Artifact303 (Suntrip Records) Romania
Astral Gnomix (Other World Records) Switzerland 
Audiodact (Iboga Records) Denmark 
Babagoon (Sangoma Records) Brasil
Boom Shankar (Bmss Records) Germany 
Braincell (Boom Shanka) Switzerland
Chacruna (Antu Records) Chile/Spain
Cosinus (Sangoma Records) Switzerland
Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records) Germany
Digicult (Dacru Records) Belgium 
Djantrix (Digital Om Productions) Macedonia
Djantrix Vs. Spirit Architect (Digital Om/Dacru) Macedonia
Earthspace (Nano Records) Brasil 
Egorythmia (Iono Music) Macedonia
Electric Universe (Dacru Records) Germany 
Electro Sun "Retro Set" (Comp.Act Records) Israel 
Faders (Tech Safari Records) Israel 
Fatali "Retro Set" (Blue Tunes Records) Israel 
Flexus (Iono Music) Denmark
Flowjob (Iboga Records) Denmark
Fungus Funk (Sangoma Records) Russia
Hypnoise (Maheretta Records) Spain
Ibojima (Tip Records) Sweden 
Ital (Antu Records) Chile
Kabayun (Sangoma Records) America
Kalya Scintilla (Merkaba Music) Australia
Kaya Project feat. Irina Mikhailova United Kingdom
Liftshift (Zero 1 Music) Holland
Mad Maxx (United Beats Records) England 
Mad Tribe (Space Tribe Music) England
Mahi (Narmada Records) Switzerland
Majide (Grasshopper Records) Japan 
Makumba (Future Tribe Office) Greece
Malice in Wonderland (2to7 Records) Austria
Materia (24/7 Records) Austria 
Mechanimal (Mutagen Records) Spain 
Mekkanikka (United Beats Records) Switzerland
Melting Point (Nano Records) Brasil/Switzerland 
Merkaba (Merkaba Music) Australia
Middle Mode (Digital Om Productions) Serbia
Multiphase (Iboga Records) Denmark 
Naked Tourist (Parvati Records) Germany 
Rastaliens (Boom! Records) Germany 
Reversed Logic (Digital Om Production) Serbia
Rezonant (Sangoma Records) Serbia
Rinkadink (Alchemy Records) United Kingdom 
Ritmo (Iboga Records) Israel
Rumble Pack "Retro Set" (Moon Spirits Rec) Switzerland
Shake (Tesseract Studio) Mexico
Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records) England
Skizologic (Zion 604 Records) Israel 
Southwild (Wildthings Records) Germany
Space Tribe (Space Tribe Music) England
Space Vision (Grasshopper Records) Brasil
Spectra Sonics (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India 
Spirit Architect (Dacru Records) Macedonia
Symbolic (Iboga Records) Israele
Symphonix (Blue Tunes Records) Germany
Total Eclipse (Mandala Records) France
Tranonica (Sun Department Records) Germany
Tropical Bleyage (Dacru Records) Serbia
U-Recken (Dacru Records) Israel 
Vibe Tribe "Retro Set" (Mainstage Records) Israel
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision Records) Sweden 
Virtual Light (Zero 1 Music) Canada
Young Kim (Etnica Records) South Korea
Yuya (Grasshopper Records) Japan

Horizon Floor:

Abyss Ooze (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina
AnfiClavis (Argot Digamma Music) Switzerland
Angry Luna (O.v.n.i Records) France
Arctika (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Audiopainter (Audioalchemists) Switzerland
Audiopathik (Kamino / Pleiadian Records) Mexico 
Audiotraffic (Movimento) Switzerland
Bass To Pain Converter (Bassic Records) Australia
Bi-Molecular (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Blueberry (Intensive Glide Records) Switzerland
Bombax (Kamino Records) Switzerland
BRT (Independent) Austria
Cyberded (Horns And Hoofs Entertainment) Russia
Cyberg (Liquid Energy Digital) United Kingdom
Dark Whisper (Alice D Records) Germany-Italy
David Kras (Moth Records) Sweden 
Devin (Tribal Vision Records) Switzerland
Diego (Independent) Switzerland
Eeemus (Digital Structres) Australia
Eric Rose (Independent) Ukraine
Evil Oil Man (Zenon Records) United Kingdom
Feinmechanik (Sinsonic Records) Switzerland
Firedrop (Propheti Records) Switzerland
Franz Johann (Spiral Trax) Austria
Galactic Explorers (Galactic Records) Macedonia
GusPB (No Name Production) Switzerland
H-Sunrise (Green Tree Records) Belgium
Haldolium (Blue Tunes Records) Germany
Hasche (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) Germany
Headweller (Insonitus Records) Greece
Hellquist (Zenon Records) Sweden 
Highko (Blast Records) Germany
Human Element (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Human Eyes (Narmada Records) Switzerland
Hypogeo (Zenon Records) Italy
Johnny Reverb (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Julian Bird (Independent) Switzerland
Khainz (Module Records) Switzerland
Kokobloko (Future Tribe Office) Greece 
KynEthik (24/7 Records) Italy 
Livanos (Independent) Australia
Luna Rave (O.v.n.i. Records) France 
M.Solez (6850 Clique) Switzerland
Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder) Sweden
Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina
Melt (Uroborus records) Australia
Miami Dolphins (300ft. below) Switzerland
Mindsurfer (Sinsonic Records) Switzerland
Nailik (Grasshoppper Records) Canada
Nampur (Polargroove) Switzerland
Nate Benjamin (Salient) Switzerland
Nola (Independent) Switzerland
Noya Project (Moon Dance) Portugal
Nyah SFX (Höngger Clan) Switzerland
Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) Israel
Pr0fane (Iboga Records) Denmark
Progress (Independent) Germany
Psycharox (Human Revolution) Switzerland
Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma Music) Switzerland
Sekoya (Rising Sound) Switzerland
Sensitrope (Zenon Records) Switzerland
Serotoni (Independent) Finland
Shape (Independent) Switzerland
Suspect One (Underground Effects) Switzerland
Twisted Kala (Akashik Records) Spain
Two Suspects (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Version Bizar (Padang record) France
Victor Y (Open Records) Australia 
Vuchur (Ovnimoon Records) UK
Walter Albini (Catwash record) Switzerland
Yuli Fershtat (Iboga Records) Israel 
Zik (Zik World Records) Greece

Lotus Floor:

Abyson (Indipendent) Slovenia
Ambient Spirit (Indipendent) South Africa
Ashnaia Project (Indipendent) Spain
Balancé (Moon Dance Records) Portugal
Biop6 (Citron Vert) Switzerland
Boundless State (Hologram Music) Sweden
Brødo (Zenon Italy ) Italy
Chlorophil (Synchronos Recordings) America
Comrade (MIGMA Collective) Italy
Cosmic Dust (Trimurti Records) France
Cosmic Touch (Visionary Shamanics Records) Finland
Cosmicleaf (Cosmicleaf) Greece
Dalton Trance Teleport (Independent) Croatia
Diego (Independent) Switzerland
Emo (Radio Q37) South Africa
Etsaman (Independent) Croatia
Far Beyond (Altar Records) Macedonia
Feli-P (reTribe) Italy
Frankie Elyse (Independent) Scotland
Fuluf (Independent) Estonia
Garudo (Liquid Tune Records) Macedonia
Gayalaxy (Astropilot Music) Portugal
GogiStyle (Auditory Relaxation) Israel
Groove Empathy (Fractal Forest Family) Italy
Halfred (Shanti Planti) Italy
Hand Of Damaru (Independent) Croatia
Harian D (Independent) Switzerland 
HHV (Independent) South Africa
I.M.D (Uxmal Records ) Mexico
I.X.O.P. (Independent) Greece
Iguana (Parvati Records) Germany 
In Spirit (Conclave Records) Malta
Instant Euphory (AstroPilot Music) Poland
Invisble Ralf (Melusine Recordings) Netherlands
Joyfull Natives (G.F.M) Portugal
Kala Hari (604 Freak Productions) Portugal
Katabtu (Kollektiv Liebe e.V.) Germany
Kox (Shift Digital Audio) Macedonia
Lo.Renzo (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy
Loraine James (Independent) United Kingdom
Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Manuman (Independent) Canada
Metamorphosis (Altar Records) Israel
Minimalists (Cosmic Beat Records) India
Mobitex (Altar Records) Israel
Monkey Breeders (Conscious Heads) Switzerland
Mystic Vibes (Fat Honey Entertainment) Italy
Naturelement (Mystic Sound Records) Greece
Neon Jesus (Independent) USA
Nicky Miles (Independent) Latvia
Nile (Mystic Sound Records) Serbia
Ohmar (DIgital Whomp) Israel
Osman Gayatree (Blue Hour Sound) Russia
Pangani (Independent) Germany
Prisma (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina
Psychoz (Avatar Records) Germany
Quixosis (ZZK) Ecuador
Razael (Shamanic Enterprise) Hong Kong 
Rhaksha (Independent) America
Samaya (Independent) Netherlands
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Soul Therapy (Crystal Kids) Turkey
Spiky (Ovnimoon Records) Greece
Spiral Hand (Intensive/Tribe Of Surya) Switzerland
Stratusphere (Independent) America
Sun Anga (Electrik Dream) Italy
The Flying Mars (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Thorazin (Triple Drop Productions) Mexico 
Tranceway (Goa Galaxy Records) Italy
Tryptophant (Ankanaté Events) Germany
Uchu (Spaceradio Records) Russia
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision Records) Sweden 
Zaftra Morgen (Gaia Psybient Music) Netherlands

If your project wasn’t selected to be part of the line-up, we hope you won’t be discouraged: your message was an inspiration for us, in the construction of this event.

Once again, thank you for participating!

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Team