Be The Change - Thank You

Dear Shankra Family,

It always starts with a simple action…

Every movement we decide to make, in the stream of our life, can be origin of an action that positively affects people around us. If we feed it with conscious nourishment, life grows to enrich the world: it is our privilege and responsibility to choose to nourish an action instead of another one. 


for being part of this process: your participation was essential in the establishment of a temporary society where freedom of choice, solidarity, harmony between people were the most striking features. Our aim is to spread this features outside our beautiful valley, overflowing many aspects of the contemporary world that we feel need them too.

Shankra Festival preserves, in its inner core, Be the Change Foundation, a social initiative based on the donation of part of the incoming for the education and general support of 42 homeless children in the North Eastern part of Sri Lanka: in the year 2017, 24’000 CHF were donated.

For the year 2018, we are aiming to serve our purpose for 62 children and 30 elderly people who suffered from the recently ended civil war: our goal is to reach the amount of 37'000 CHF, in order to provide all of them with basic education and services.

With your participation, you helped us moving forward on this path: your simple action of joining us at Shankra Festival became active energy to fuel Be the Change Foundation, resulting in important changes in the life of many people.

Thank you for your contribution.

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Team