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Friendly Price Tickets

Dear Shankra family,
from the beginning of our journey, we decided to carry out a specific aspect of our bigger mission. Shankra Festival remains the most affordable psychedelic trance festival in Switzerland: we build a complete experience for everyone to enjoy, including more than 210 artists performing in three stages and many different workshops, lectures, healing treatments and much more. We believe that participating in a festival, moved by the excitement of partying, the will of learning new things, meeting people from all over the world, may trigger an inner change: if you throw a rock inside a lake, for whatever reason, it will create ripples in the whole surface of water, imprinting a new movement that affects the space around. In order to include more and more people into this process, we offer Friendly Price tickets for a high number of countries: our Shankra Ambassadors spread all over the world will provide local residents with reduced price tickets (each ticket is strictly personal and costs 90 Euros) and useful information about the Festival.



Music is the ultimate and fundamental core of our Festival. Get an insight of the musical journey you will experience on the three dance floors, covering the wide spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.


Dance, laugh and be blessed between our gigantic mountains. A valley which invites you to deepen your level of consciousness by offering you the ideal wonderful space to fully express yourself.


Our festival is not exclusively about music. Join the event, jump into intercultural exchanges, enjoy workshops, lectures and visionary activities, introducing innovative ideals to the world of tomorrow.

Be part of the experience, tickets are available now!